Cloud Infrastructure for Jewelry eCommerce

Setting up your Jewelry eCommerce website on the back of cloud infrastructure is extremely essential to be able to scale your business. From handling excessive traffic efficiently to reducing server costs drastically – cloud technology is an ideal solution for everyone if there’s an experienced cloud team supporting your online store!
We’ve helped clients with cloud infrastructure setup as well as migration to cloud platforms, and seen this bring an instant positive impact to their online business.


How JewelStream enables Cloud for Jewelry eCommerce?

Specifically for the Jewelry eCommerce industry, we’ve noticed over the years that there are obvious benefits from the option for a cloud-based infrastructure

JewelStream_Scalable Storage

Scalable Storage

Jewelry eCommerce sites are asset-intensive. To showcase the products and give a real touch feeling, eCommerce managers are uploading tons of high-resolution assets like images, videos, and 360 videos. Be it WordPress media or custom web applications, we know how to leverage cloud storage engines like AWS S3 or Azure Blob using their highly scalable web services.

JewelStream_Optimized Computing Machines

Optimized Computing Machines

We need to provide a balance of computing, memory, and networking resources for large jewelry eCommerce stores. Several functions include product price updates, API integrations with manufacturers, labor cost calculations, markups, and shipping costs. To support these functions with powerful computing, we assist with AWS Instances and Azure Virtual Machines.

JewelStream_Relational Database

Relational Database

Platforms like WooCommerce, OpenCart & Magento are resource-intensive and full of plugins & 3rd party integrations. This makes database management difficult, greatly reducing your website performance. We have designed and developed large databases using the foundation of Amazon RDS for MySQL and Azure Database which ensures that your fully-loaded website also gives excellent performance.

JewelStream_On-Demand Computing

On-Demand Computing

Jewelry sales are highly dependent on seasons and trends – and hence you cannot expect the same traffic all year round. Using On-Demand computing via AWS Elastic Beanstalk & Azure App Services, we can ensure that you have additional computing capacity when demand is high (say Valentines Day) and relaxed computing capability during the off-season.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering computing power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. AWS is known for being the platform with the highest number of services and with the deepest capabilities within its roughly 175 services, by virtue of being the largest cloud platform.

  • AWS offers a pay-as-you-go approach for pricing. Pricing for each service is unique.
  • Amazon’s storage service, S3, holds trillions of objects and serves up millions of requests per second
  • AWS also shrinks deployment time for new servers down to minutes, making the process of provisioning a new server friction-less
  • AWS is incredibly flexible and its services judge demand on your website and adjust automatically.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform for building, deploying, and managing services and applications, anywhere. Azure lets you add cloud capabilities to your existing network through its platform as a service (PaaS) model, or entrust Microsoft with all of your computing and network needs with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Azure pricing can be cheaper when using Microsoft SQL or Windows Server
  • Existing Microsoft SQL and Server licenses can be used to get reduced prices on Azure
  • Azure is especially useful for business in regions when AWS is unavailable, including South Africa, Span, and Indonesia

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