Custom Jewelry Website

Everything about building a jewellery eCommerce website using Laravel

Custom Development can be the answer for large jewelry businesses looking to create a feature-packed online store on the lines of the Blue Nile and James Allen.

Using Laravel (PHP framework) our experts can develop a comprehensive website featuring all modern elements that ensure your storefront is the ideal representation of your jewelry brand.

We specialize in custom development and can ensure you have a swift and smooth website, loaded with custom features, all supported with the cloud platform.

Why Custom Development?

The Laravel community web page expressed Laravel as "The PHP Framework For Web Artisans." Laravel is one of the maximum famous and clean PHP frameworks with a small footprint. Web packages can be created with the most reliable ease of use of the PHP Laravel framework. As of PHP fanatics, Team JewelStream are early adopters of the Laravel framework for net utility development. With Laravel, we are able to equip you with a revolutionary, dependable net utility to supplement your commercial enterprise ideas. Our exemplary track file incorporates Laravel development services to recognize the technical and enterprise dimensions of internet packages, putting our devoted sources to premier use....

Custom Development is ideal for omnichannel stores as you can integrate your physical store's POS and other applications with your online store.

How JewelStream solves for Laravel

Custom jewelry e-commerce development for Laravel


Diamond Search Engine

Using our loose diamonds search engine, your customers can easily filter stones according to primary and advanced attributes. We develop an AJAX-based slider functionality for these filters that allow a smooth and seamless experience for your users


Loose Stones Ecosystem

Built on the API concept, the Loose Stones Ecosystem provides complete automation and syncing process, ensuring the latest and fresh inventory is available on your storefront. This ensures that your order rejection rates are kept in check, and there is sufficient inventory to support all placed orders.


Build Your Own Jewelry

We enable your customers to custom create their own jewellery. With this feature, your customers can build rings, pendants, necklaces, and earrings (using Paired Diamond Algorithm) – made just for them! Our step-by-step builder mechanism ensures user-friendliness, just like the Blue Nile.


3rd Party Integrations

Popular online stores use a multitude of 3rd party integrations to provide their customers with an excellent online shopping experience.
Using integrations with popular CRMs, POS clients, MailChimp, payment gateways, and PayLater services – you can rest assured your store is ready to take on the world.


Cloud Platform

We can implement your custom-built website on the back of AWS, and improve its performance by using CDN and AWS S3 storage.
Utilizing AWS EC2 machines, dedicated SQL servers, and the Elastic Beanstalk platform, we can ensure the high availability of your website across all regions.


Fine Jewelry Matrix

The stock and prices of loose gemstones and precious metals regularly get updated.
We provide all features for automated cost calculations, hence minimizing admin costs. With a single stroke, you can keep your inventory updated at prevalent market rates.

Case in point

How JewelStream helped ‘’ & ‘Vella Diamonds’ build a fully customized online store using Laravel