OpenCart Loose diamond search & Design your own ring

Everything about building a jewellery eCommerce website using OpenCart

OpenCart is a powerful open-source PHP-based shopping cart system. OpenCart provides cost-effective e-commerce solutions for medium to large enterprises. It is a competitive choice of platform for Magento and custom shopping carts.

However, when it comes to building custom functionalities, OpenCart can prove to be challenging – that’s where our developers can step in and make sure your OpenCart custom Shopping cart works efficiently.

Why OpenCart?

OpenCart is a free and open-source e-commerce platform with plenty of integrations, modules, and themes. The platform is especially beneficial in keeping the running costs of your online store low, as it is free to use and does not come with any large ongoing development costs.

Additionally, it is self-hosted and has a large community that helps with support.

How JewelStream solves for OpenCart

Custom jewelry e-commerce development for OpenCart


Build Your Own Ring

We enable your customers to custom create their own rings. With this feature, your customers can select a diamond and a setting to design their own ring- made just for them! Our step-by-step builder mechanism ensures user-engaging interface.


Cloud Migration

We’re specialists in enabling cloud migration for our clients, helping them shift to AWS and Microsoft Azure. This ensures the high availability of your WordPress website along with quick load time and reduced server costs. It’s really a win-win-win.


Theme customization

We are capable of delivering to you high-level websites that are supported with Theme customization according to jewelry e-commerce that allows you to easily make changes to the website design in real-time.


Diamonds Search Engine

Using our loose diamonds search engine, your customers can easily filter stones according to primary and advanced attributes. We develop an AJAX & React JS-based slider functionality for these filters that allow a smooth and seamless experience for your users.


Supplier API Integration

JewelStream creates custom APIs to connect you with your suppliers flawlessly – across the world. While Rapnet feeds you data from all over the world, getting direct data feeds from suppliers helps you get better and more refined data, that your users can trust better.


Rapnet Integration

Integration of Rapnet Instant Inventory with the loose diamonds search engine is an essential requirement for jewelry e-commerce businesses. We can customize your diamond feeds using Rapnet Custom Integration API. Additionally, we can create a feed specifically for fancy diamonds using Rapnet Instant Inventory.

Case in point

How JewelStream helped ‘Rio Diamonds’ build a fully customized online store using OpenCart