Rapnet Integration

JewelStream is an expert at custom RapNet integration. We do custom integration of instant inventory api to your online store, be it woocommerce, shopify, bigcommerce or custom website.


How it


Rapnet API Instant Inventory Integration

We provide diamond search integration through RapNet Instant Inventory. Once RapNet Instant Inventory is set up, we integrate this with your e-commerce platform using JSON combined with HTTP requests. The diamond records can further be maneuvered to markup prices according to various parameters. Our advanced loose diamond search integration gives access to an inventory of an extensive range of loose diamonds. Further, we provide the customers an interface to search and filter the diamond listing through AJAX calls which can be added to cart or ring and/or pendant settings. This unique loose diamond search allows the customers to also compare and purchase loose diamonds at an online price, with a superior experience to find a truly unique diamond....

Supplier Feed


JewelStream custom diamond feed integration service connects you directly with suppliers of your choice. Be it Nivoda diamond api, GemCloud or VDB, we are expert at them.

Our diamond feed integration service tightly integrates with your suppliers’ APIs. This includes fetching data like supplier details, diamond shape, price, carat, color, clarity, fluorescence, certificate types, etc., storing it in your database, and showcasing it on your website. This unique feature also enables you to list out various other resources like-colored gemstones’ details, paired diamonds, and images and videos of diamonds provided by the suppliers. The diamond data received from suppliers is updated at regular intervals using cron jobs. With our diamond supplier integration services, you can monitor search traffic, spot errors, display diamond rates in desired currency and have full control and flexibility on the gemstones listed on your jewelry website. We provide price markups and filters for diamond listings as well. We specialize in developing a custom jewelry builder wherein the diamonds from supplier APIs can be added to settings of rings/earrings/pendants....

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