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Everything about building a jewellery eCommerce website using Shopify

We’ve built expertise on Shopify over the last few years and helped multiple clients get the best of both worlds with Shopify’s beautiful frontend and our custom backend applications dedicated to loose diamonds.

Jewelry e-commerce websites have plenty of customization and implementation of products with a lot of variations. This puts limitations on Shopify as it increases product matrix complexity and creates a challenge to accommodate cloud-based shopping carts. Despite the limitations, JewelStream helped Arctic Fame Diamonds build a Rapnet API Integrated online store with custom solutions ensuring admin operations are fine-tuned for loose diamonds.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is the gold standard of self-service e-commerce website development, hosting over 1 mn businesses across 175 countries.
Shopify wins because of its easy-to-use layout which allows business owners to build websites on their own – supported by over 3.2k apps on the Shopify app store that boost these online businesses.

The problem however begins where jewelry e-commerce and Shopify interact – since it’s innately more complicated than apparel and other forms of online shops. Shopify doesn’t allow users to integrate too many external APIs and doesn’t allow customization in the backend to remain one-for-all platform. That’s where we come in.

How JewelStream solves for Shopify

Custom jewellery e-commerce development for Shopify


Diamonds Search Engine

Using our loose diamonds search engine, your customers can easily filter stones according to primary and advanced attributes. We develop an AJAX-based slider functionality for these filters that allow a smooth and seamless experience for your users


Supplier API Integration

JewelStream creates custom APIs to connect you with your suppliers flawlessly – across the world. While Rapnet feeds you data from all over the world, getting direct data feeds from suppliers helps you get better and more refined data, that your users can trust better.


Rapnet Integration

Integration of Rapnet Instant Inventory with the loose diamonds search engine is an essential requirement for jewelry e-commerce businesses. We can customize your diamond feeds using Rapnet Custom Integration API. Additionally, we can create a feed specifically for fancy diamonds using Rapnet Instant Inventory.

jewelstream_Privet app development with shopify

Private App Development

Jewelstream accomplished diamond integration with Shopify by the development of a private app. The app is used to import custom APIs onto the Shopify platform to exchange related information such as data of diamond suppliers for developing Jewelry eCommerce site.

Case in point

How JewelStream helped ‘Arctic Fame Diamonds’ build a fully customized online store using Shopify.