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Loose Diamond Search Engine

Our advanced loose diamond search integration service tightly integrates your online webstore with RapNet feed and/or your suppliers’ APIs and displays it in a comprehensive manner.

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Design your Own Ring

We give provisions to build your own jewelry (rings, pendants, necklaces, and earrings).

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diamond feed integration

Rapnet Integration

RapNet Instant Inventory is easy to set up and it feeds your website to display loose diamonds from RapNet’s global suppliers straight onto your web page.

JewelStream can integrate RapNet’s pre-designed search engine widgets with your site and it is very straightforward.

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Supplier APIs

RapNet is a great way to get data from global suppliers, but to truly control your inventory – it’s essential to get in direct touch with suppliers.

JewelStream creates custom APIs to connect you with your suppliers flawlessly – across the world

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Everybody does E-Commerce, and while it looks simple to the beholder, we understand the complexity and intricacy required to sell diamonds online.

From sourcing data via RapNet to product pages to having 360-degree videos, we make sure your customer gets the perfect online buying experience.

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Support & Maintenance

The non-glamorous part, but everything essentially drops down to how well the website is run once it’s live.

Our engineers work round the clock to make sure not a single sale gets disturbed, ever. From fixing bugs to making progressive improvements, we’re there for you in the long run.

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