RapNet Integration

RapNet Diamond Trading Network

RapNet is the largest online marketplace for certified diamonds. RapNet is where one can find the best availability of diamonds, pricing info, and an extensive selection of suppliers. RapNet has its presence in about 91 countries and there are more than 1 million diamonds that are being traded on the site. Primarily RapNet offers two options for listing diamonds: Instant inventory and Download Listing Service (DLS).

RapNet Instant Inventory Integration

RapNet Instant Inventory is easy to setup and it feeds your website to display loose diamonds from RapNet’s global suppliers straight onto your web-page. If you don’t own a database, JewelStream can integrate RapNet’s pre-designed search engine widgets with your site and its is very straight forward These are embedded into your website as an iFrame or the other option that is more desirable is to build your own diamond search using the instant inventory custom integration APIs.

RapNet Download Listing Service (DLS) Integration

If you need full flexibility and control over diamond listings, DLS is the way to go. DLS allows you to download bulk diamond listings from RapNet into your own database. In order to access RapNet Download Listing Service, you need a special add-on subscription, select the diamonds and subscribers you want and download the CSV file that includes all the details. JewelStream’s custom programming can help you take all the benefits of RapNet DLS.

RapNet Integration Process

RapNet integration process consists of automatic download of the RapNet Data in CSV format from RapNet servers. JewelStream filters the impurities like invalid data, missing data, wrong cert numbers, etc. from the file. These impurities are removed and quarantined for manual checking. After separating wheat from the chaff, the file is still left with thousands of records. This is taken care of in PHP using batch method. JewelStream integrates directly with RapNet and gives your website access to automated diamond inventory and can also define your own diamond price mark-up tables to control the prices your customer sees.

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