Optimize Your Website for Mobile Commerce

Mobile shopping is breaking records. The number of mobile users has increased exponentially and so have the mobile shoppers. Users like to think of m-commerce as “a retail outlet in your pocket.”

The factors responsible for the current increase in popularity of mobile commerce:

  • Viewing habits: People are spending more time on their mobile phones and tablets than ever, resulting in a higher demand for mobile-optimized e-commerce sites.
  • Increased comfort: As a result of a growing sense of comfort with m-commerce, people are, for the first time, spending almost the same on mobile orders as they do on desktops.
  • Responsive sites and apps: The majority of the retailers have optimized their e-commerce sites and/or apps for the elevated shopping experience of the users.
  • Reinforcing behavior: Retailers are attracting mobile customers by offering better discounts and offers online than those offered in brick and mortar stores.

Configure how you optimize for mobile

There are three ways to help optimize your e-commerce site to ensure the best possible experience for mobile shoppers:

  • Responsive web development: This approach includes building one website with one URL, one set of HTML, etc. that looks great on every device regardless of the screen size.
  • Dynamic serving: This approach includes serving two sets of code depending on the viewing device and the domain name stays the same.
  • Mobile website: Mobile websites use a different URL and HTML for mobile shoppers. Mobile sites have a domain name that goes like m.domain.com.

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