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Lovis Diamonds


With a history of 10 years in the jewelry industry, Lovis Diamonds is an expert in Diamonds and Fine Jewelry. Lovis Diamonds is a 3EX Triple excellent GIA certified diamond specialist. They provide over 1000+ GIA-certified diamonds to choose from at unbelievable prices. They believe in creating high-quality custom-made ornamentations, promising only the best prices. Their experts travel the world to source the finest diamonds certified by the most respected diamond grading laboratories which allow them to discover the latest trends in creating exquisite diamond jewelry for the vintage or contemporary....

The Ask

Lovis Diamonds wanted to introduce jewelry web application features to increase customer traffic and turn potential customers into loyal customers. They asked for a site that was committed to providing every customer with the highest quality shopping experience. The website administration and search engine optimization had to be taken care of. Also, the cross-linking of content for sustained and repeated navigation had to be improved....

The Features

AJAX based loose diamond search feature

Pop-ups on view button with delivery and quality information about the diamond

Price mark-ups of loose diamonds via various parameters

Jewelry search engine with advanced search options

Build your own ring feature where the user can select the diamond and settings

Auto uploading of diamond records every hour

A feature-rich shopping cart where the users can easily buy the products of choice after calculation of taxes, shipping, labor, etc.

PayPal integration

Cross-selling of jewelry products

Content creation and product management with navigational features

Search engine optimization

Powerful back end system for jewelry e-commerce website administration

Performance optimization and rendering of e-commerce website on different browsers

The Technology

JewelStream_Three-tier framework

Three-tier framework

JewelStream_Dashboard Template

XHTML, Javascript, AJAX

JewelStream_database services



ASP.Net 3.0 with C# 2.0


Server IIS &  Shared