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Loose Diamond Search Mobile Application

Diamond Mart X

The Ask

Diamond Mart X needed a unique mobile application that allows viewing state-of-the-art loose diamond inventory on Android and iOS devices.

The Idea

The idea is to develop an interactive mobile application focused on the utilitarian needs of the salesmen as well as devising an innovative way to proactively and consistently communicate value. The purpose of the application is to fetch data from APIs of multiple suppliers, filter impurities, structurize data and insert it in the database. The salesmen can access this inventory and quotations of loose diamonds from the suppliers and fill up an order form anytime. With the Loose Diamond Search application, the employees can conduct their business in a secure, fast and convenient manner....

Back End Development using CodeIgniter

Jewelstream_Diamond Mart X_codeigniter

In order to develop the Diamond Mart X application for Android and iOS, JewelStream decides to use CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter is a lightweight and powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint. A third party component called PHPExcel is used to convert csv files to Excel. To keep the background process simple, cron is used. Instead of having a multithreaded job-processing app that runs forever and, thus, can never leak memory, you have a simple batch script that cron starts. The loose diamonds can also be marked up by various parameters via a module available on the admin panel....

Front End Development using PhoneGap

Jewelstream_Diamond Mart X_Phonegap

PhoneGap is an open source development framework that enables developing cross-platform mobile applications. PhoneGap dovetails nicely with the CodeIgniter backend with the objective of creating an extendable application. The core of the application has been developed using responsive HTML5 and CSS codebase that spans across both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Powered by the mighty Framework7, an open source HTML framework to develop hybrid mobile apps or web apps, we created an application that performs fast and slick, just as native....

After all UI part we move ahead to how we made our app interact with server with help of API we make AJAX request to that page from where we get response in JSON format which we then append in html or perform any other logical task.

Jewelstream_Diamond mart X _rest api

Interaction of PhoneGap and Server (secure REST API built in PHP)

The Application

The solution was “Diamond Mart X”, a PhoneGap mobile application through which the customer can:

Fetch feeds from APIs & Excel files of multiple loose diamond suppliers and updating the app at regular intervals with fresh records

Filter impurities from all the data and make the data consistent as per the norms set by user

Dynamic creation and execution of mark upon loose diamonds inventory based on carat, color, and clarity

Auto-load diamond feeds in batches using Cron Task Manager ensuring minimum usage of CPU cycles

Admin receives push/e-mail notification when a diamond request form is filled up by sales executives

Diamond search has been made easy in-app where users can also request for a stone based on customer’s choice

Since hybrid mobile application development using PhoneGap takes lesser time compared to native application development, the cost has been reduced by 60%

The Technology

JewelStream_Three-tier framework

Laravel, PhoneGap Cordova

JewelStream_Dashboard Template

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Slick JS

JewelStream_database services





Google Material

The Result

Diamond Mart X is equipped with an easy and extremely convenient way to expand and sync their mobile device diamond inventory with the inventory of their diamond suppliers. The mobile app is uploaded on google playstore in beta version which is accessible only to few tester group created because we’re still making it a better diamond search for salesman i.e adding push notification etc. You may be wondering if it’s possible to send Android push notifications from web apps written in JavaScript without setting up your own server. Well, it absolutely is when you combine with PhoneGap. You may also have a look at it just simply contact us....