PhoneGap Application for virtual jewelry try-on

JewelStream Virtual Try-On

JewelStream Virtual Try-On

Changing deep-rooted beliefs is a conundrum. When it comes to buying jewelry consumers have always preferred touch and feel, prior to committing to a purchase. JewelStream has developed an interactive android mobile app using PhoneGap based on the concepts of Augmented Reality. Virtual Try-On is a PhoneGap application that allows users to try different rings in the virtual domain using a phone camera. This PhoneGap application is a handy tool for online retailers to engage attention of shoppers who shy away from shopping rings online just because they don’t get the privilege of trying a ring. Virtual Try-On solves this problem by enabling customers to try rings on themselves using phone camera and drag and resize the ring to get a more realistic approach....

In the JewelStream Virtual Try-On PhoneGap application, we have called data from WordPress. This helps to centralize inventory and showcase your merchandise in a compelling and hassle free manner. Our virtual solution is deeply integrated with social media, allowing customers to share their shopping experience directly with their friends and family, creating a whole new level of social media interaction for your brand. Aspirational brands and high-ticket products are often sold as part of a multi-touch, multi-channel shopping journey. With this application, you enable the customers to "take ownership" which is particularly useful to make such considered purchases. With the JewelStream Virtual Try-On the consumers can try on rings as many times as they like, whenever and wherever they like. This PhoneGap application is designed for the cross-channel and social customer experience. This will be shortly followed by try-on features for other products.

The Technology

JewelStream_Three-tier framework

Laravel, PhoneGap Cordova

JewelStream_Dashboard Template

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Slick JS

JewelStream_database services





Google Material

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An interactive android mobile app that allow users to try different rings in the virtual domain using a phone camera. Customer uploads the image of their hand on the app and gets the privilege of adjusting and resizing the ring on the image uploaded providing a more realistic experience