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Ralph Jacobs was founded by Rikus Kotze and Nico van der Merwe, the Jewellery brand has distinguished itself in South Africa by introducing a moissanite range of jewelry products possessing a specialty in engagement rings.The objective was to provide an affordable option by replacing diamonds with moissanite making a way for common people to purchase the jewelry items. Their online sales platform offers clients the opportunity to customize their purchases....

The Ask

Ralph Jacobs was a different fabrication that the Netfillipians came across. Unlike various other Jewelry eCommerce sites, Ralph Jacobs needed an engaging interface for “Create Your own Moissanite ring”. The objective was to provide a user-friendly engagement ring builder page offering a set of variations on a product with control over prices. Dynamic Creation of moissanite ring page & automating the process of product pricing were prime focus areas. The twist was to build and bind all of that into Woo Commerce. The very capable and skillful team of our developers fulfilled the demand of the client and also handed over the project within the given time frame....

The Features

Engagement ring collection page with mobile-optimized search by major attributes like style, shape carat, metal, price.

A non-cluttered “what you see is what you get” product display user interface for engagement ring creation by choosing the attributes like metal color, its Karat & moissanite shape, its carat including engraving. Real-time price change based on the selection of attributes keeping visitors in the loop for their budgeting and decision making.

The customer can select multiple rings from the website catalog and add them to the home-try-on cart. The items are shipped to their location for the user’s real look n feel experience and determining the correct size of it.

Allowing the customer to select their ring size through the Find your Size feature embedded in the engagement ring product display page.

Website users can personalize engagement rings through engraving on the engagement ring product display page.

A custom LAY-BY request form integrated with the product display page. Users can request easy EMI tenure options with their selected ring. Based on the request admin processes it.

One-click update of engagement ring product catalog for metal color price change allowing admin to frequently reset the price as per current market conditions.

Dynamic provision of cost inputs for engagement ring elements like metal color, weight, center stone & side-stone reaching out for automated & precise item price.

Providing Admin with an option to manage co-relation of a millimeter to carat for moissanite stone.

A custom module interface table catalog for admin to manage each discrete product group of the engagement rings

Admin has the ability to set Engraving as an add-on cost or keep it free.

The Technology

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